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Boutique Network & Hosting Solutions!

Unbeatable hosting solutions at the cheapest prices.

Private Cloud  

Wholly Ownd, Bare Metal, Private Cloud ifrastructure allows speed and expandability.     .

Fast Connectivity

API Based Deployment, Vertical Scaling, and High Availability without the bulk purchase warehouse style infrastructure of larger cloud providers.

Protected Data

Redundant Storage Solutions and In-House Backup Automation with On-Site and Off-Site retention   

Less than 1,000 clients

Less Customers means Customized Solutions and faster support from a company that knows your business better than your wallet. 

Friendly Support

Boutique hosting means that our support engineers are not only trained on our platform but also your unique needs. You are more than just a number to us,.

Easy2Use Interface

API based Automations allow the control of VPS, Dedicated, and Shared Hosting solutions from one panel.     

Stick with a company that cares,

about their clients.

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Why us

While our name is Quick and Easy (QnEZ) our strongest asset is that we tailor our services to you and your business not our bottom line.   

Our team is full of passionate web hosting experts and programmers that know what they're doing. For any issues or questions make sure to contact them, they're friendly :)

" Great prices and an amazing support team, would not choose another. "

Lewis from

" Great uptime so far, have had no issues with them. "

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" Unbelieveble speed, my website loads just way too fast! "

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